Network Address Calculator

Netmatics Subnet Address Calculator is a simple but versatile utility that applies a subnet mask to an IPv4 address to calculate following useful information about the subnet
– Network or the subnet address
– Number of hosts addresses in the subnet
– Address range, i.e. the IP address of the first and last hosts
– Broadcast address
– Wildcard Mask that would match all the hosts in the network and useful in network access control lists.

Here are couple of examples that show the basic use of the tool.

Example 1: Find the host network address for host/mask

Example 2: Are the following host addresses and masks on the same subnet

1. /

2. /

3. /

Below are the 3 calculated outputs from the Analyzer that show the first 2 hosts are in the same subnet while the third is in different subnet.

Note the output table for shows that the containing subnet has host address range from to  This range also shows that will be in the subnet where as all addresses are outside the range.

About Furrukh Fahim
A software engineer and a carpenter interested in making useful things, be it a software solution or a pergola.

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