Data Center Infrastructure Modeling

Netmatics Data Center Modeling tool is a simple but powerful tool to keep track of IT infrastructure equipment, such as racks, servers, switches etc.  The user provides the information about the equipment and physical connections through an intuitive user interface.  The tool creates a database model to keep track of the equipment status including details that are difficult to track in spreadsheets, e.g.

  1. Physical connections between equipment e.g. easily find all the equipment a switch (or a server) has a physical link to.
  2. Available ports on equipment so a port is not used for  more than 1 link.
  3. Equipment specifications, such as RAM, CPU and internal storage in servers
  4. Location, rack and slot, of each equipment and available slots in each rack

The interface is straight forward but following short videos would be useful for first time users:

  1. Getting Started (~ 2 minutes)
  2. Add Racks (~ 2 minutes)
  3. Add Servers (~ 9 minutes)
  4. Add External Storage ( ~ 3 minutes)
  5. Add Switches (~3 minutes)
  6. Connecting Equipment (~ 9 minutes)

The tool currently is in beta testing and if you like to try it or help improve it, please sign up.

About Furrukh Fahim
A software engineer and a carpenter interested in making useful things, be it a software solution or a pergola.

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