Installing ONOS Controller

Couple of weekends ago, I recorded a video of ONOS controller installation on Ubuntu server.  I started with a new Ubuntu server and installed the software packages required to build ONOS.  My goal was to enable a new user, unfamiliar with software tools, such as Maven and Karaf, to be able to install and run the controller.

If you watch and follow instructions, the Pause button will be a good friend as I have edited out bunch of scrolling screens that can be hypnotic but don’t help in the installation. I have added annotations for commands so squinting at the screen can be reduced, hopefully.

About Furrukh Fahim
A software engineer and a carpenter interested in making useful things, be it a software solution or a pergola.

One Response to Installing ONOS Controller

  1. Randy Hill says:

    Great step by step tutorial. I tried the steps to install ONOS on my Mac OS X 10.10.2
    when I run karaf clean. It hangs. Is Onos supported on MAC? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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