Applications with Intents: Unlocking Innovations in SDN

NorthBound Interface (NBI) that can consume applications’ intents for desired connectivity and traffic treatment is an elegant and powerful concept that can accelerate development of wide range of network applications on SDN.  In this post, I will describe the idea and then fire-up a controller and a forwarding plane to get deeper insights into the potential of application intents. … Read more

ONOS: Getting Started

This is a short and fast introduction to ONOS CLI and GUI.  The project WIKI is a great and necessary resource but I wanted to develop a screen recording that could help launch a hands-on exploration of ONOS features.   … Read more

Installing ONOS Controller

Couple of weekends ago, I recorded a video of ONOS controller installation on Ubuntu server.  I started with a new Ubuntu server and installed the software packages required to build ONOS.  My goal was to enable a new user, unfamiliar with software tools, such as Maven and Karaf, to be able to install and run the controller. … Read more

ONOS First Impressions

I have been tinkering with Open Daylight (ODL) for the last few months and my plan was to write about how to work with various interfaces to enable simple use cases.  I also had a small side project to keep tabs on an interesting SDN project, Open Networking Operating System (ONOS).  My intention was to spend couple of hours on it so I watched ONOS Technical Deep Dive webinar … it blew me away!! … Read more

Building an SDN Lab in the Cloud

Network labs have always been effective tools to evaluate new technologies, gain practical insights in network behavior and learn.  In this series of short videos I will walk through the steps of creating an SDN lab with Open Daylight controller and Mininet. … Read more