Installing ONOS Controller

Couple of weekends ago, I recorded a video of ONOS controller installation on Ubuntu server.  I started with a new Ubuntu server and installed the software packages required to build ONOS.  My goal was to enable a new user, unfamiliar with software tools, such as Maven and Karaf, to be able to install and run the controller. … Read more

Building an SDN Lab in the Cloud

Network labs have always been effective tools to evaluate new technologies, gain practical insights in network behavior and learn.  In this series of short videos I will walk through the steps of creating an SDN lab with Open Daylight controller and Mininet. … Read more

Getting Started with IPv6

IPv6 is coming – traffic is a trickle but steadily increasing and smart wager is on demand, for relevant skills and technologies, to grow to drive IPv6 in the network. This entry is for those starting their IPv6 journey.

    Here I have included
  • Explanation of key concepts of IPv6 address architecture.
  • Some useful IPv6 resources on the web.

… Read more

Netmatics Supernet Calculator

Netmatics Supernet Calculator can analyze a set of addresses and calculate supernets. Supernetting, also known as route summarization or aggregation, is required in large networks to keep routing table size manageable and latency low. It is one of the key goals of design and planning for network scalability. The calculator is easy to use and this tutorial shows its features. … Read more

Netmatics IP Subnet Planner

Netmatics subnetting tool splits an IPv4 address space into subnets of fixed or variable mask length. The tool generates a table of subnet addresses based on user provided addressing requirements. … Read more

Network Address Calculator

Netmatics Subnet Address Calculator is a simple but versatile utility that applies a subnet mask to an IPv4 address to calculate following useful information about the subnet … Read more