ONOS: Getting Started

This is a short and fast introduction to ONOS CLI and GUI.  The project WIKI is a great and necessary resource but I wanted to develop a screen recording that could help launch a hands-on exploration of ONOS features.  Below is a session of interaction with ONOS to access forwarding plane topology information and also a peek at the capability to stop, start or install new applications in a running controller.

As you explore ONOS following resources might be helpful

  1. The published CLI
  2. The Quick Start VM on ONOS WIKI is a nice packaged introduction to the controller
  3. Mininet walkthrough tutorial is essential learning resource.
  4. Intro to Mininet video is also excellent.

The custom topology can be copied/downloaded and saved in a file with a .py extension (triangleTopo.py in the video).

I hope it will be helpful on your SDN journey.

About Furrukh Fahim
A software engineer and a carpenter interested in making useful things, be it a software solution or a pergola.

3 Responses to ONOS: Getting Started

  1. Demi toot says:

    Thanks a lot for the nice vide, I followed your previous video and installed apache karaf, onos and Java, but the “ok clean” commad does not work for me.
    Is there anything that I’m missing?

    • Hi Demi, ONOS has changed a lot since I did the video for installation of Cardinal release. If you are installing the latest release, a good idea, some of the steps from my video will not apply.

  2. Mani says:

    Hi Furruk,

    DO you have link or video which defines how ONOS controller can be integrated to our real network

    Like BGP config between controller and real router Network

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